The architectural bureau "YUNAKOV & PARTNERS" is a member of the group of design companies under the common brand YUNAKOV ARCHITECTS, established by architect Sergei Yunakov

Sergey Yunakov - Honored Architect of Ukraine, State Prize Laureate, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Architecture, Member of the Presidential Council of the Union of Architects, Professor, Department of Theory of Architecture, KNUBA. The successful long-term experience of Sergei Yunakov creates a solid foundation in the adoption of highly professional solutions, and also provides an influx of new personnel, their training and professional growth.

Team of highly professional architects and designers YUNAKOV ARCHITECTS takes care of everything from creating a concept to its implementation.

The field of activity of YUNAKOV ARCHITECTS is the creation of architecture and interiors of buildings and structures residential, public and commercial real estate for private and corporate clients.
•  combination of innovative approaches with the classical school
•  the continuity of generations
•  high qualifications and extensive experience

YUNAKOV ARCHITECTS has a strategic development plan and uses in work project management technologies. Thanks to a clear business structure ensures the implementation of projects on time and with high quality.

Workshop architects are constantly developing and improving their professional level in the process of working with foreign architects in various projects in Ukraine, as well as abroad.

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Sergey Yunakov
1970-1976 - S. Yunakov He was educated at the Kiev Civil Engineering Institute, now the Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.
1976 - After graduating from the institute, he was hired by the architect at the Kievproject State Institute, one of the best design institutes in the Soviet Union (now PJSC Kievproject).
1987 - He was appointed Chief Project Architect (GAP)
1991 - S. Yunakov received from the Union of Architects of Ukraine the right to independent creative activity in Ukraine and the creation of his own design bureau.
1992 - S. Yunakov opened the Collective Enterprise "Creative Architectural Workshop" S. Yunakov "together with the Union of Architects of Ukraine. (CPTAM "S.Yunakov")
1993 - S. Yunakov created a comprehensive workshop No. 19 (as part of the Kiev project), which was engaged in the design of the development area of the central railway station.
1998 - On the basis of workshop No. 19, Yunakov created and headed the Kyivproject 6 Office, whose main task was to design the facilities of the central railway station area.
2000 - S. Yunakov established the A.S.F Private Enterprise,
2001 - S. Yunakov established the Private Enterprise “Architectural Studio“ S. Yunakov "
2002 - S. Yunakov and I. Fedorets established Astarta Limited Liability Company.
2005 - KPTAM "S.Yunakov" re-registered in the private enterprise "Creative Workshop" S.Yunakov "and became the sole property of S.Yunakov.
2005 - All these companies merged under the common brand YUNAKOV Architecture & Construction.

Fedor Yunakov:
Fedor Yunakov graduated from Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture in 2003 and works with his father in the family business. He is currently the chief architect of the Yunakov Architecture & Construction group of companies.

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    Irina Fedorets

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    Fedir Yunakov

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    Nataliia Fedorets

    Project Manager


Over 28 years of fruitful work, Yunakov Architects has received More than 47 awards in various fields of architecture, urban planning and design.

Among them are state awards in the field of urban planning and 1st place in the nominations "interior design".

All this is the result of a well-coordinated team of professionals and prevailing architectural traditions

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